Google Assistant can now Read/Reply to WhatsApp, and Other Messages

Google Assistant

The use of Virtual Assistants means making things easier. Amazon was the first to introduce smart speakers. It gained success not because of being first but due to the integration with so many third-party apps. There are a number of messaging applications that users rely on for communication. Therefore, it is important for any Virtual Assistant to integrate these apps. Google has been working to integrate third-party messaging applications. Finally, it has added the “read and reply” support for WhatsApp,

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Google Play Pass Subscription Service Enters Testing

Google Play Pass

Google’s Play Pass subscription service has reportedly entered the testing. The news came in as a leak in the form of images, which were shared on Android Police. On reaching out to Google, a company spokesperson confirmed to Android Police that Play Pass is currently being tested. Last year, XDA Developers found the evidence of Google working on a Play Pass app. The latest development now confirms that Google was in fact, working on a subscription application and that Google

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Google Lookout is an app for visually impaired

Google Lookout app

Back in 2018, Google announced an application titled Lookout to help the visually impaired. Since the announcement, Google had been testing the application to improve the quality of results. It appears the testing is finally over as Google has officially rolled out the application. It is up in the play store and you can install it for free. However, it is limited only to the Pixel devices and that too in the US only. Google Lookout is an AI-powered application

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Google releases its Duplex AI Feature in 43 States

Google Duplex AI

Last year, Google stunned everyone when it introduced the Duplex AI feature at the I/O. In a recent development, Google has officially released its Duplex AI feature in 43 states in the US. It appears now you can officially ask the Google Assistant to make a reservation for you. The Google Duplex AI feature was limited only to a small number of Pixel 3 users. However, as of today, the feature has been rolled out to all the Pixel owners.

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