Download Call of Duty Mobile for PC and Laptop

Call of Duty Mobile for PC

The massively popular series, Call of Duty had a topsy turvy life in the mobile world. Some of the spin-offs such as Call of Duty Mobile Strike Force were quite good whereas the likes of Call of Duty Siege never made past beta. Slowly, all the hits vanished from the play store and just when the fans had assumed the end of popular series, Activision gave the big news. Earlier this year when Activision unveiled its plans to release Call

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How to download TALION for PC and Laptop


After being teased for almost a year, Gamevil’s TALION has finally made it to the app stores. In a very short span, after the release, TALION has managed to acquire a significant number of players around the world. In times when the competition in the gaming industry is high, developers have to put in extra efforts to make the game competitive. In case of TALION, it appears, Gamevil has pinched the right nerves of gamers especially the graphics. This brings

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How to download Dr. Mario World for PC and Laptop

Dr. Mario World for PC

Nintendo is all set to release the awaited Dr. Mario World, a casual puzzle game featuring Dr. Mario. The game was revealed back in the February and is co-developed with LINE. Dr. Mario World is up for pre-registration, which you can via google play. Dr. Mario World is a match 3 puzzle game in which players are required to match three objects of the same color either vertically or horizontally to clear them out. Now that Dr. Mario World is

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Download Super Mecha Champions for PC and Laptop

Super Mecha Champions for PC

NetEase Games has taken on the Macha universe with the release of its new RPG Super Mecha Champions. Set in a futuristic world, Super Mecha Champions invites the players around the world to compete in epic Macha brawls. If you are into Japanese Manga, there is no way you can miss out on Super Mecha Champions. Though listed as an RPG, at its core, Super Mecha Champions strikes more like an action game. At the same time, we cannot rule

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How to download NightZero for PC and Laptop

NightZero for PC

NadaGames’ latest, NightZero is an amazing role-playing game where you can plunge into the world of devil and humans. It features an ultimate battle between the evil and humans in the night city. It’s more like experiencing the adventures of a world made up of evil and humans. The RPG genre received some of the best games and has been around for quite some time now. The latest addition to the genre in the form of NightZero worth the time

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How to download Auto Chess for PC and Laptop

Auto Chess for PC

For all the chess players, finally, you can test your strategic skills in all-new Auto Chess. It might not be our usual chess game but definitely has relevance to the strategies that you often apply in chess. It’s not entirely a chess game but we cannot deny the fact that it is developed on the basis of chess. In a way, it is difficult to convey the idea of chess and an action theme in a single game. Having said

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Download Talking Tom Hero Dash for PC and Laptop

Talking Tom Hero Dash for PC

It’s time to give Raccoon gang taste of their own medicine and enjoy the stunning new world of Talking Tom in all new Talking Tom Hero Dash. Outfit7 has added yet another amazing game in its long and popular Talking Tom series. The new Talking Tom Hero Dash has already been released and is making quite a mark. It is as colorful as the previous Talking Tom games with the addition of tons of new features. You can install it

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Download Flame Dragon Knights for PC and Laptop

Flame Dragon Knights for PC

When it comes to role-playing games, there are so many of them that we usually go for the big names. However, it’s good to test new names sometime. If you are in for a strategy game from a considerably less known name, Flame Dragon Knights is what you should try out. As for the game, it is an officially authorized sequel to the classic Flame Dragon Knights game. The new Android-based Flame Dragon Knights is based on the classic game.

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