Download Garena Speed Drifters for PC and Laptop

Garena Speed Drifters for PC

It’s good to take a break from all the RPGs and experience a different genre from time to time. And if you are into racing games, this new game will be a treat for you. Garena International is all set to release an amazing racing game under the title, Garena Speed Drifters. It is a racing game with an aim to provide the players with a platform where they can race with their favorite cars for a limited time. As

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Downlaod VPN Master Unlimited VPN Proxy for PC and Laptop

VPN Master Unlimited VPN Proxy for PC

There is no need to worry if you are having trouble accessing certain websites. It could be the geo-restrictions that you are not able to access your desired content on the internet. You can easily get pass all the restrictions and access the blocked content through VPNs. A virtual private network or VPN is an application that helps you establish a new identity on the internet, allowing you to bypass the geo-restrictions. And guess what? we have even got one

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How to download Elune for PC – Windows and Mac OS X

Elune for PC

The wait is finally over, Gamevil’s Elune has hit the shelves and you can get your hands on it right away. It is one of the finest Gamevil games in recent times in terms of gameplay freedom. Unlike most of the RPGs, there is a great depth to the storyline. It’s basically a journey of justice across the dimensions where you get to experience lots of new things. Elune is free to install and you can get it for your

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Download Bombastic Brothers Top Squad for PC and Laptop

Bombastic Brothers Top Squad for PC

Join the front with Bombastic Brothers and resist the alien invasion in B.V’s latest action game, Bombastic Brothers Top Squad. Inspired by the classic platformers, Bombastic Brothers Top Squad is a fun ride with Captain Jeff to eliminate the aliens who are about to swarm the planet. Few minutes into the gameplay and you will feel nostalgia hitting you. Everything is simple yet so appealing about the whole game. It is free and you can easily install it on

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How to download First Summoner for PC and Laptop

First Summoner for PC

LINE Games’ latest is a role-playing game where you get to experience the summoners battles in the dark dimension. It comes titled First Summoner and has over 150 captivating stories to keep you engaged from beginning till end. At its core, like any other RPG, First Summoner is about battling the dark forces and saving the world from corruption. However, whats makes an RPG different from the rest is how the gameplay progress and how the storyline manifests the intended

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How to download SINoALICE for PC and Laptop


Nexon’s latest is a gacha RPG that brings together the fairytale characters in an anime setting. It is titled, SINoALICE and is directed by Yoko Taro, who was the brains behind NieR: Automata. If you are into gacha, SINoALICE is definitely the game you should try out. It was meant to hit the shelves on 18th but it appears the fans have to wait for few more days. According to the official statement announced on Facebook, localization quality not meeting

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GUNDAM BATTLE GUNPLA WARFARE is the first Gundam game from Bandai Namco where you will get to experience the best sci-fi anime mecha battles. It is based on the popular sci-fi manga series which showcases the battles between Gundam stars in a huge tournament. In the game, you play as Gunpla builder and design your own Gundam fighter to win the tournament. If you are into sci-fi and love to delve into things involving mecha, there is no way you

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How to download BTS WORLD for PC and Laptop


It’s your chance to become part of BTS lives and experience their success stories. developed by Netmarble, BTS WORLD is the latest game to feature BTS members and gives you the chance to become part of their lives. The game basically covers the journey of BTS from the beginning to success. With BTS WORLD, you can embark the journey of BTS success and get to experience the event which took them to the heights of fame. It’s more like a

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How to download Astral Chronicles for PC and Laptop

Astral Chronicles for PC

uBeejoy’s awaited Astral Chronicles is all set to take you on a magical journey into the Astral realm. It is a fantasy JPRG that puts you in the shoes of a hero who embarks a journey to turn the fate. You get to explore the magical Astral world, come across mythical creatures, and inspire the heroes who have the power to turn the fate. There are forests, mythical creatures, magic, heroes and much more that will keep you on your

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Download Extraordinary Ones for PC – Windows and OS X

Extraordinary Ones for PC

HERO Games’ awaited action game, Extraordinary Ones has finally hit the shelves and it’s a treat for action fans. It’s one of those games that have self-explanatory titles. Extraordinary Ones, as title hints, is all about battles of heroic characters with extraordinary capabilities. The whole theme revolves around getting to choose the best characters and teaming them to win battles in a real-time environment. It comes with a real-time 5v5 combat system, which puts Extraordinary Ones among the best action

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