Google Assistant can now Read/Reply to WhatsApp, and Other Messages

Google Assistant

The use of Virtual Assistants means making things easier. Amazon was the first to introduce smart speakers. It gained success not because of being first but due to the integration with so many third-party apps. There are a number of messaging applications that users rely on for communication. Therefore, it is important for any Virtual Assistant to integrate these apps. Google has been working to integrate third-party messaging applications. Finally, it has added the “read and reply” support for WhatsApp,

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A New MMO Version of Portal Knights is in Development

Portal Knights

505 Games has recently revealed that it is in partnership with a Chinese gaming company Duoyi Network. Reportedly the two are developing a new MMO game for the Android and iOS users. Well, you might be thinking by now, what has Portal Knights to do with this new game. Well, you will be surprised to know that the game being developed by Duoyi Network is set in Portal Knights universe. 505 Games is on board with all the development, however,

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TripleChain Mobile Strategy & Puzzle RPG Enters Close Beta

TripleChain Mobile Strategy & Puzzle RPG

In the latest development, Cubinet Interactive’s latest, TripleChain Mobile Strategy & Puzzle RPG has now entered in beta testing. It was announced back in and entered Alpha Test in Southeast Asia on 22 April for Android device. In light of recent development, it would be safe to assume that we not too far from an official launch. While you might have to wait for a few more days but if you are too eager, perhaps the best things would be

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Bandai Namco Announces Digimon ReArise for West, Pre-Register Now

Digimon ReArise

Bandai Namco’s popular RPG Digimon ReArise is all set to make its mark in the Western market. It was initially released back in 2018 in Japan, where it did quite well. After a year, finally, it is headed to Europe and North America. Hopefully will be released in the rest of the regions as well. It is expected to make an appearance before the end of 2019, October 21st, according to the Apple App Store listing. Digimon ReArise will be

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Google Play Pass Subscription Service Enters Testing

Google Play Pass

Google’s Play Pass subscription service has reportedly entered the testing. The news came in as a leak in the form of images, which were shared on Android Police. On reaching out to Google, a company spokesperson confirmed to Android Police that Play Pass is currently being tested. Last year, XDA Developers found the evidence of Google working on a Play Pass app. The latest development now confirms that Google was in fact, working on a subscription application and that Google

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Monument Valley 3 enters development, confirms Ustwo

Monument Valley 3

The popular puzzle-adventure game series is all set to get another stunning game. As per a tweet from Ustwo Games, the new Monument Valley 3 is already in the works. Ustwo Games is the developer of this visually stunning games series and is currently looking for a new director. The news came in as part of a tweet, which was more like a job posting. However, one thing is clear from the tweet, that Ustwo Games has started the development.

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Tencent Ace Force is an Overwatch-like shooter, launches August 13th

Tencent Ace Force

Tencent is all set to launch an Overwatch-like hero shooter game, Ace Force on August 13th. It’s headed first to China, and hopefully, a Western release is in the pipeline. It is an anime-style shooter game which looks quite similar to Blizzard’s megahit, Overwatch. While it might not strike exactly as Overwatch, it is closest to the megahit, for now. Though Tencent has shown enough gameplay to pitch the idea. However, it is the latest trailer that actually highlights its

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The Bonfire Forsaken Lands officially released on play store

The Bonfire Forsaken Lands

After conquering iTunes, the award-winning The Bonfire Forsaken Lands has finally been released on play store. It was teased a couple of months ago right before it entered the beta testing. Now that the testing phase is complete, you can get your hands on this stunning survival strategy game. And guess what, that’s not even the best part. You will be surprised to know that, unlike iTunes, the game is free on the Google play store, well, not entirely. The

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Age of Civilizations Africa goes free, Download for PC

Age of Civilizations Africa

Ever thought of dominating the world? While, in reality, it might not be possible, you can certainly test your leadership skills in the Age of Civilizations Africa. It is a turn-based strategy game where you have one aim, dominate the world. However, as the name indicates, the quest starts from the African continent. Age of Civilizations Africa has been out since last year but the good news is that it has now gone free. You can now head over to

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Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad goes up for Pre-registration

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad

Announced back at the E3 2019, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is an upcoming shooting game which brings together heroes from different Ubisoft games. After being teased a number of times, the game is now up for pre-registration. You can register yourselves right away on the official site. If you pre-register yourself now, you will get a secret playable character, which is rumored to be none other than Cole D. Walker from Ghost Recon, at the time of launch. Tom Clancy’s

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