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Arguably The Last of Us is one of the most popular game franchise and a huge fan base around the world. Over the years, the game franchise has evolved and is now considered among the best. The latest edition of this popular franchise titled, The Last of Us Part 2 is in the pipeline and is expected to enter the market soon. It was E3 where Naughty Dog showed the first glimpses of the game. At that time, the game, according to the developer was done around 50-60%. As the days are passing, we are getting closer to the release of another amazing game. Since the first game was released in June back in 2013, we hope by June the upcoming The Last of Us Part 2 will make it to the players. As of now, you might not get your hands on the game itself, but you can certainly download The Last of Us Part 2 wallpapers.

What We know

Now it wouldn’t be fair to those who are new to the franchise to jump directly to The Last of Us Part 2 wallpapers. Therefore, we have shed some light on the background as well as the new developments. The protagonist in The Last of Us is a female character named Ellie. A little is known at the moment, however, if we take into account the statement of Neil Druckmann, Ellie will be accompanied by an AI companion, just like the previous games. Another interesting thing is the multiplayer mode which has been overlooked even after the demo, but that’s because very little is known at the moment.

The gameplay appears to have been improved quite a lot. While playing Ellie, you will be able to crawl under the vehicles, dodge via a dedicated button. You can even dodge the arrows using this feature. The animations are contextual during a dodge. As for the enemies, in the demo, they are called Seraphites, a religious cult that can’t stay the sigh of outsiders. Also, the AI of these enemies appeared improved in the demo. The group communicates with whistles and each whistle has a different meaning. So, you will probably have to decode them in order to understand the message being conveyed.

The Last of Us Part 2 Wallpapers

Since very little is known at the moment and we aren’t certain about the release date, we cannot comment any further. As for The Last of Us Part 2 wallpapers, they are taken via a PS4 Pro system. Here, we have uploaded the previews, click on them to view the enlarged versions. Also, we have linked a zip file containing all The Last of Us Part 2 wallpapers for you to download.

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