The Bonfire Forsaken Lands officially released on play store

After conquering iTunes, the award-winning The Bonfire Forsaken Lands has finally been released on play store. It was teased a couple of months ago right before it entered the beta testing. Now that the testing phase is complete, you can get your hands on this stunning survival strategy game. And guess what, that’s not even the best part. You will be surprised to know that, unlike iTunes, the game is free on the Google play store, well, not entirely. The free trial lets you play up to day 7 within the game. After which, you can unlock the full game through a single $3.99 in-app purchase. At first, it may strike you as a simple-looking game but rest assured it has got complex mechanics to amaze you, once the outer layers are peeled off.The Bonfire Forsaken Lands

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to play The Bonfire Forsaken Lands, it is an idle strategy simulation game in which players build, discover and craft to survive in the new lands. Probably the best thing about The Bonfire Forsaken Lands is how visually appealing it is. Players can start from building the basic settlements in the snowy encampment to advanced buildings and trade with other civilizations. The whole progression will leave you in awe. Aside from crafting, players can manage the resources and workforce. Likewise, players can create weapons to repel the monster attacks at night.

Even in the first 7 days within the game, you can get quite far. From an unarmed worker in the wastes to the leader of miners, guards, and woodcutters, isn’t that interesting? If you are into simulation games, there is no way you can miss this one. And since the fist 7-day play is free, it is better you get The Bonfire Forsaken Lands for your Android devices via google play right away.