Monument Valley 3 enters development, confirms Ustwo

The popular puzzle-adventure game series is all set to get another stunning game. As per a tweet from Ustwo Games, the new Monument Valley 3 is already in the works. Ustwo Games is the developer of this visually stunning games series and is currently looking for a new director. The news came in as part of a tweet, which was more like a job posting. However, one thing is clear from the tweet, that Ustwo Games has started the development. Aside from Monument Valley 3, the tweet also mentions “multiple high-profile titles,” which means the studio has plenty in the pipeline.

The first game of the series was released back in 2014, followed by the release Monument Valley 2 in 2017. While the former was all about the complexity of puzzles, the latter was more focused on the characters and their comprehensive storylines. Over the years the series has managed to acquire plenty of fans around the world. It has become one of the most popular franchizes. The previous two games were purchased 650,000 times in the first three months of their launch. Since the launch of original Monument Valley, which was a clever mix of 2D and D on iOS, the series has come a long way.

At the moment, little is known, well, nothing except the title and that the studio is looking for a director. It is no surprise since the studio has yet to hire a director. Ustwo Games posted a picture of what appears to be a concept, but nothing is certain. Back in 2017, Ustwo successfully managed to use a surprise launch of Monument Valley 2 in its favor. While the surprise element may have gone, Ustwo can still leave us in awe by releasing Monument Valley 3 out of the blue.