Tencent Ace Force is an Overwatch-like shooter, launches August 13th

Tencent is all set to launch an Overwatch-like hero shooter game, Ace Force on August 13th. It’s headed first to China, and hopefully, a Western release is in the pipeline. It is an anime-style shooter game which looks quite similar to Blizzard’s megahit, Overwatch. While it might not strike exactly as Overwatch, it is closest to the megahit, for now. Though Tencent has shown enough gameplay to pitch the idea. However, it is the latest trailer that actually highlights its characters, maps, weaponry, and game modes.

Ace Force has a lot to offer in terms of game modes. It features Standard Team Deathmatch, Invasion mode, King of Hill, and a battle royale mode called Barking Royale. An interesting thing about Barking Royale is that it is dog-themed, which is something we are looking forward to. The guns are colorful but look less cartoonish than Overwatch’s. From what we have seen in the trailer, the weapons arsenal includes an assault rifle, a rocket launcher, submachine gun, shurikens, a flamethrower, and a shotgun. While Tencent may have tried to make Ace Force on the pattern of Overwatch, there are certain areas where it lacks. For instance, the characters in Tencent Ace Force are a bit different and in fact, are more stereotypical.

Another area where it can easily be distinguished from Blizzard’s megahit is maps. Having said that, it cannot be ruled out that Tencent Ace Force is basically a Mobile Overwatch. And Tencent has done what Blizzard didn’t, it bought Overwatch to the mobile platform. Ace Force is set to launch on August 13th in China, followed by a Western release. While the popularity of hero-shooters may have declined, Ace Force is the one to look forward to. To read more about the Ace Force, visit the official site.