How to download Lock’s Quest for PC and Laptop

The popular tower defense game Lock’s Quest is finally headed to the smartphones. It is basically a spinoff of Lock’s Quest which was released back in 2008 for Nintendo DS. However, this isn’t the first time Lock’s Quest has made it to other platforms. Prior to mobile devices, it was released Xbox One, PS4, and PC in 2017. Unlike the DS version, the PC version wasn’t received well. In fact, most of the reviews were negative. Hopefully, the new version for the mobile devices will do justice to the original one. Those interested in the new Lock’s Quest can pre-register via Google Play and App store. There isn’t any official word on the release date but the listing on App stores says it is expected on 5th September. In the meanwhile, you can learn to download the Android version of Lock’s Quest for PC and Laptop.Lock's Quest for PC

The PC version didn’t meet the expectations, the controls were difficult and there were glitches. However, those of you who play games on PCs have now a chance to experience Lock’s Quest on big screens. You can install and play the Android version of Lock’s Quest on your PCs and Laptops. It may not be the most original spin on turret defense, it is the closest that you can get your hands on. You can easily run Lock’s Quest on PCs, all you need is an Android Emulator. It basically installs the Android OS on your Windows running PC/Laptop and OS X powered Macbook/iMac. This bridge allows you to run the Android version of Lock’s Quest on PC and Laptop. Now before we get to the installation, let’s take a look at the gameplay and key features.

Gameplay and Features

In Lock’s Quest, you play as Lock, a boy who stumbles upon an invasion of his village. This attack by the Clockwork horde triggers a bigger war between Kingdom Force and Clockwork Army. The story unfolds over 75 days as the events take place in the war across various maps. You basically get to lead the forces from the Kingdom Force side against the Clockwork soldiers. Each day a new development in the war takes place where you can use traps, turrets, and other helpers to repel the Clockwork Army. In parallel, you also launch a variety of attacks to inflict the damage upon the enemies.Lock's Quest for PC

Coming to the gameplay, since Lock’s Quest is a tower defense game, there are two main aspects to it. The first thing is to build a fortification around the village to protect it from the assaults of Clockwork Army. You can a variety of traps, turrets, and other defenses to stop the enemy advances. The best thing about defense is that you can even flight alongside the defense forces. Lock’s Quest features context-sensitive Special Attacks, and Super Attacks, which you can use to impact a wide range of enemies. This whole defense aspect of the game comes under the Antonia Defense mode.

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Aside from defending the village, you can also unlock the secrets of Kingdom Force and Archineers in a perfectly crafted storyline. As for the rest of the features, the quality of the game looks promising, with a first-class soundtrack, new high-resolution portraits, and revised gameplay. In short, if you felt disappointed in 2017, this is your chance to experience Lock’s Quest once again on big screens.

Install Lock’s Quest on PC and Laptop

  1. Download an Android Emulator of your choice

    Head over to the links to download Bluestacks 4 | NoxPlayer | AndyOS | RemixOS Player.

  2. Install Android Emulator on your PC/Laptop

    Install the downloaded Android Emulator on your PC/Laptop and set it up.

  3. Search Lock’s Quest via Android Emulator

    Launch the Android Emulator and then open the Google play store. In the search bar type, Lock’s Quest and click on search.

  4. Install Lock’s Quest on your PC/laptop

    From the search results, double click on Lock’s Quest file to install it on your PC or Laptop.

  5. Play Lock’s Quest on PC/Laptop

    Once installed, run the game from the all apps section of your Android Emulator.

If you are having trouble installing Lock’s Quest on your PC/Laptops, let us know via comments.

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