Hoxx VPN for PC, Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS X

Here’s how you can download and install Hoxx VPN for PC or Laptop and access the blocked sites and apps anonymously on the big screens.

Released recently, Hoxx VPN appears to be a promising VPN that you can rely on to access the restricted or blocked content. With Hoxx VPN, you can protect your identity as well as secure the data that you transmit over the internet. It is much easier to install and requires no configuration at your part to establish a secure and reliable connection. For a basic VPN, Hoxx VPN has all the key features, which we will shed light on in the next section.

And the best part, it is free and you can easily install it on your handheld devices via Google Play. Not just that, in fact, you can download Hoxx VPN for PC and Laptop as well. We have explained the installation process in the later section. Now before jumping off, you may want to take a look at the features in the section below.

Hoxx VPN Features

When it comes to the features, Hoxx VPN covers all the key areas i.e, access to blocked content, privacy, and security. Starting with the basics, Hoxx VPN features IP spoofing, where it masks the IP of your device with that of a virtual one. This allows you to connect to the websites using a different entering node, thereby allowing you to bypass the geo-restrictions and firewalls. With one click, you can establish a secure and reliable connection and access the blocked sites and apps on your device. Hoxx VPN for PC

Next on the list is privacy, which Hoxx VPN ensures using the aforementioned feature. By addressing the privacy issues, Hoxx VPN enables you to connect to public Wifi without hesitation. And since on public Wifi, multiple users share a network, there is a chance of identity theft and such issues.

Hoxx VPN ensures that your online activity is hidden from the prying eyes and that you browse the internet anonymously. And the best part is that it doesn’t store any logs, making the experience more secure. And lastly, the security, Hoxx VPN uses encryption technologies to secure the data that you transmit over the internet.

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To sum it all up, all you need is a valid Hoxx account, which you can easily make and you can good to go. You can follow the instructions provided in the section below to download Hoxx VPN for PC or Laptop.

Install Hoxx VPN for PC and Laptop

  1. The very first thing you need is an Android emulator.
  2. As a Windows user, you can get the BlueStacks 4. Mac users can get the Nox Player.
  3. Install the emulator and then open it, sign in using your Google Account.
  4. Open the Play Store in the emulator now.
  5. In the Play Store, type “Hoxx VPN” without quotes and find it.Hoxx VPN for PC
  6. Next, install the Hoxx VPN on the Emulator.
  7. You will find Hoxx VPN under the All Apps section of Emulator.
  8. Open Hoxx VPN and start browsing. That’s it.


While using Hoxx VPN, keep in mind that it will not work system-wide and you must open it inside the BlueStacks or Nox Player.

If you are having trouble installing Hoxx VPN for PC/Laptops, let us know via comments.

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