Download V4 for PC, Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS X

Nexon’s latest, V4 is out and you can experience it on big screens with V4 PC here. Follow the instructions provided here to download V4 for PC and Laptop.

V4 for PC

V4 is Nexon’s latest cross-platform MMORPG that puts the players in a huge open world where they can experience the traditional action and exploration quests. While battle royale and shooters are getting popular, the likes of Black Desert Mobile and now V4 depict an important place of MMORPGs in a wider gaming world. In this guide, we will help you download V4 for PC and Laptop. Though V4 is a cross-platform title, the intended audience of the game is primarily Android and iOS users. On handheld devices, you can easily install V4 via Google Play and iTunes. The process for PC/Laptop is slightly different and we have explained it in later sections.

An Overview of V4 Gameplay

V4 is set in a massive and vibrant open world of Syllunas, which was once a paradisal land is now threatened by berserk demonic forces. You get to lead the heroes in fierce battles against the rising threats and defend Syllunas. In terms of gameplay, like most of the mainstream MMORPGs, you start off by selecting the playable characters. V4 comes with six playable classes; The Kinght boasts a classic sword and shield combo; the Magician can inflict impressive magical damage; the Blader is fast and good with a dagger; Warlord wields a giant hammer; the Axler has short and long-ranged combat styles, and Gunslinger is the master of rifle and pistol.

V4 for PC

V4 offers five different camera modes so that you can experience every detail and aspect of the gameplay. Also, there is an in-depth trading system that brings a player-driven marketplace. You can forge alliances, explore new realms, and take part in PvP battles. There are over 50 customization options to help you individualize the character and weapons to help you unleash the true potential of your character. In terms of visuals, V4 has scalable graphics, however, given that the appealing aspect about such games is their presentation, you will need a high-end device to make the most out of it.

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From the looks of it, V4 appears as an expensive RPG with high-end graphics and fantastical settings. On top of that that it is free and you can easily install it on your handheld devices via app stores, provided that those devices are capabale of running it. If not, you can the sections below and download V4 PC on Windows and Mac devices.

V4 PC Download

While V4 is a cross-platform title and you get equal opportunity to play it on your handheld devices as well as PC/Laptop. However, because of high-end graphics and visuals, you may feel limited while running it on your Android and iOS devices. And since there is an official way to run it on PC/Laptop, you may feel the same on those platforms as well. For all of you who want to run the Android version of V4 on PC/Laptop, you can install and experience the gameplay of the mobile version on big screens via Emulators.

V4 for PC

How to install Android Emulator on Windows and Mac

The reason behind installing an Android Emulator is to set up an Android OS platform on your PCs and Laptops. And if you are new to this stuff, an Emulator is basically a virtual machine that installs the Android OS as a standalone app. This way you can install and run Android-based V4 on your PCs and Laptops. Here’s how you can install and set up an Emulator;

  1. The very first thing you need is to download the Emulator you see fit.
  2. On Windows, you can download BlueStacks 4 using the links below.
  3. If you are using Mac, you can get the Nox Player using the link below.
  4. Next, install the emulator on your PC or Laptop.
  5. To set up the Emulator, sign in using your Google Account. If you do not have one, you can sign up for it for free.

Install V4 for PC and Laptop

Now that you have an Android OS running on PC/Laptop, here’s how you can download and install V4 game on PC and Laptop.

  1. Launch the Emulator and Open the Play Store in it.
  2. In the play store search bar, type “V4” without quotes and press Enter key.
  3. Next, install the V4 game via the Emulator.
  4. Once installed, you will find the V4 game under the All Apps section of Emulator. That’s it.
V4 for PC


While running V4 PC on big screens, keep in mind that it will not work system-wide and you must open it inside the BlueStacks or Nox Player.

If you are having trouble downloading V4 for PC, let us know via comments.

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