Download BTS Universe Story for PC and Laptop

Become a part of BTS Universe and create your own story in an all-new BTS Universe Story. Here’s how you can download BTS Universe Story for PC or Laptop and play it on big screens.

BTS Universe Story for PC

BTS, a ludicrously popular South Korean boy band is all set to get another game based on their band. The new entry comes under the title, BTS Universe Story, and will be released under Netmarble. It is set for a release on October 29th for Android and iOS devices. In the meantime, you can pre-register it via Google Play and iTunes. While the app is designed for handheld devices, with little effort, you can also download BTS Universe Story for PC and Laptop. The process is slightly different but don’t you fret, we have got it covered. Now before we get into that, here is an overview of the game.

Few Words on BTS Universe Story

BTS Universe Story isn’t the first Netmarble game that covers the popular boy band. Previously, in the BTS World, players explored the boy band. The latest, BTS Universe Story is an interactive mobile storytelling platform where you will be able to explore stories from the existing BTS universe. Having said that, the main selling point of the game is that players can create and share their own stories with other fans. In a way, the BTS Universe Story is essentially a fanfiction creator where you will be able to create your own perception of the band.

BTS Universe Story for PC

There are multiple game modes where you can experience different aspects of the game. For starters, you have a Story mode which is about various background choices, their scenes, and what characters say. Also, there is a Play Story mode, which is a pre-made interactive story with dialogues that help you get the narrative. Basically, you get to unearth the fate of each character with your own choices. The choices you make affect the coming events that add the unpredictability. So in a way, the new BTS Universe Story is a choice-based play-through system based on the popular BTS boy band.

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To sum it all up, if you a fan of BTS or have played the previous title, you will find BTS Universe Story quite appealing. And like the previous game, it is free and you can pre-register it easily via app stores. And once out, you can download BTS Universe Story for PC on Windows and Mac devices.

BTS Universe Story PC Download

When it comes to BTS, the bigger the screens the better the experience. However, you will have to put in little effort to enjoy the upcoming BTS Universe Story game to the fullest. However, because of the difference in the OSes, you cannot install it on your PCs or Laptops. Having said that, there is a way around that involves installing an Android Emulator. If you haven’t heard about Emulators, head over to the section below.

BTS Universe Story for PC

How to set up an Android Emulator

You can play the Android version of the BTS Universe Story game on big screens of PC/Laptop via an Android Emulator. An Emulator is basically a virtual machine that installs the Android OS as a third-party app. Once the Android platform is set, you can install and play the Android version of the game on big screens. And here’s how you can install and set up the Emulator on your PC or Laptop.

  1. The very first thing you need is to download the Emulator you see fit.
  2. On Windows, you can download BlueStacks 4 using the links below.
  3. If you are using Mac, you can get the Nox Player using the link below.
  4. Next, install the emulator on your PC or Laptop.
  5. To set up the Emulator, sign in using your Google Account. If you do not have one, you can sign up for it for free.

Install BTS Universe Story for PC and Laptop

  1. Launch the Emulator and Open the Play Store in it.
  2. In the play store search bar, type “BTS Universe Story” without quotes and press the Enter key.
  3. Next, install BTS Universe Story via the Emulator.
  4. Once installed, you will find the BTS Universe Story game under the All Apps section of Emulator. That’s it.
BTS Universe Story for PC


While running BTS Universe Story PC on big screens, keep in mind that it will not work system-wide and you must open it inside the BlueStacks or Nox Player.

If you are having trouble downloading BTS Universe Story for PC, let us know via comments.

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