How to download Revolve8 for PC and Laptop

Revolve8 for PC

Sega isn’t a new name in the gaming community. Over the years, the corporation has entertained millions of gamers around the world. It has recently released one of its most awaited game under the title, Revolve8. It is a real-time strategy game where players compete against each other in 3-minute PvP battles. If we have to draw a similarity, Clash Royale Royale would be the closest since both are tower defense games. However, this doesn’t imply that Revolve8 is merely

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Tacticool 5v5 shooter for PC, Download Free

Tacticool 5v5 shooter for PC

Real-time shooters are the new trend of mobile gaming and we cannot deny their appeal in the community. It is due to this fact, the devs across the world are coming up with new real-time shooting games. Panzerdog has recently released an amazing 5v5 real-time shooting game under the title, Tacticool 5v5 shooter. It is now available in the app stores for you to download for free. You can easily install it on your handheld devices via play store and

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Download Destiny Child for PC – Windows and Mac

Destiny Child for PC

LINE Games is a popular name in the Asian region when it comes to the RPG’s. In recent years, the LINE Games has made its mark on the global community. The latest game carrying its name has been released in the app stores under the title, Destiny Child. This means you can now download and install Destiny Child on your handheld devices via play store. Since Destiny Child is an RPG, which nowadays comes with addictive gameplays and high-end graphics,

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How to install BitLife Life Simulator for PC and Laptop

BitLife Life Simulator for pc

In most games, you are presented with a single dimension scenario where you have to follow the instructions to proceed forward in the game. Games listed under the simulation category are somehow different in this regard since you are given control over your decisions and their consequences. If you are into simulation games and want to experience the outcomes of your decisions, give the newly released BitLife Life Simulator a shot. After taking on different subjects, it’s Candywriter’s first simulation

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5 Hotspot Shield Alternative VPN Services

Hotspot Shield Alternative VPN Services

While visiting your desired content on the internet, you may have come across restriction applied by your service provider. One of the easiest ways to get past these restrictions is to install a VPN on your device. Hotspot Shield is one of the most popular VPN service available. However, it is also possible that it doesn’t work for you, due to different reasons. If you are currently having any trouble configuring or getting pass the restrictions via Hotspot Sheild, don’t

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Download The Last of Us Part 2 Wallpapers

The Last of Us Part 2 wallpapers

Arguably The Last of Us is one of the most popular game franchise and a huge fan base around the world. Over the years, the game franchise has evolved and is now considered among the best. The latest edition of this popular franchise titled, The Last of Us Part 2 is in the pipeline and is expected to enter the market soon. It was E3 where Naughty Dog showed the first glimpses of the game. At that time, the game,

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Download MaskGun Multiplayer FPS for PC and Laptop

MaskGun Multiplayer FPS for pc

The is no denying that PUBG is far ahead of its competitors and has glued the players to their devices when it comes to action games. However, if you have a fair share of playing hours at your end and looking for a new game to give you a break, MaskGun Multiplayer FPS is the one you should go for. It is a first-person shooting game and is competitive, therefore, qualifies. Like the popular action games, MaskGun Multiplayer FPS is

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Download Another Eden for PC – A Visually Stunning JRPG

Another Eden for PC

When it comes to RPGs, the ones developed by the Japanese have a different feel and hence termed as JRPGs. A recently released game named Another Eden is one such example. With a unique concept based on different times, Another Eden is one of the best sci-fi based RPGs out in the app stores. Another Eden has made its way to the international market and you can install it on your handheld devices via play store and iTunes. Now the

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