Xiaoming VPN for PC Windows 10/8/7 & Mac

Here is how to download Xiaoming VPN for PC. You can get Xiaoming VPN for PC on Windows 10 and lower versions. Xiaoming VPN for PC works on MacOS too. This guide will teach you how to install it on both the Desktop PCs and Laptops.

Xiaoming VPN

With the growing use of the internet, VPNs are becoming a basic necessity for computer geeks. Back in the day, VPNs were popular to access blocked websites. Users could easily bypass the geographical boundaries set by the authorities to access any site. Fast forward to the year 2019, VPNs have a much greater purpose now. If you are someone who wants to keep his/her data private at any cost, you may consider turning on a VPN before you connect to the internet. The Xiaoming VPN is something you can consider to protect your online privacy. It has got the features of a good VPN for free.

Xiaoming VPN will mask your IP address with another IP address which will make your online identity anonymous. Any party on the internet with wrong intentions will not be able to know your real identity, get into your device, or see from where you belong. Xiaoming VPN is a one-tap application. It doesn’t require any sign-up. Users only have to open the VPN and connect to the internet. It has a handful of servers placed in some good locations. If your ISP is keeping you from accessing any online content, you may simply bypass those limits with the help of Xiaoming VPN.

While Xiaoming VPN comes for free, it definitely has a couple of ads in it. But those are not annoying at all. I think its fair enough to tolerate a couple of ads for the sake of great services this application provides. Xiaoming VPN is available for free in the Google Play Store right now.

It is quite hard to find a good VPN for Windows or Mac computers nowadays. When you run out of good choices, you may consider getting one of Android’s VPNs on your computer. We are going to show you the method to install Xiaoming VPN for PC in a bit.

Xiaoming VPN for PC

  1. First of all, install an Android emulator on your computer.
  2. Windows users can install BlueStacks 4 and Mac users can install the Nox Player.
  3. Now open the emulator and sign in using your Google account.
  4. Open the Play Store in the emulator now.
  5. In the Play Store, find the Xiaoming VPN and install it.Xiaoming VPN for PC
  6. Now open Xiaoming VPN and connect it.
  7. Open any website inside BlueStacks or Nox to use the Xiaoming VPN now.

Xiaoming VPN for PC

That’s all with the installation of Xiaoming VPN for PC. Remember that this VPN will not work system-wide. Since we are installing it inside the emulator, the only way to use it is to run a browser or application within the emulator. In case you have any questions or queries regarding Xiaoming VPN for PC or the emulators, feel free to use the comments section below.

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