Download World of Dragon Nest for PC and Laptop

The anticipated World of Dragon Nest is here and you can download World of Dragon Nest for PC or Laptop. It is the first open-world MMORPG based on the popular Dragon Nest franchise. in World of Dragon Nest, aside from the open-world, you get to experience a new character control system and intense stories. Currently, World of Dragon Nest is out and you can install it on your Android devices via Google Play. Moreover, as previously mentioned, you can also download World of Dragon Nest for PC or Laptop and explore the new open-world on the big screens.

You can make use of the Emulators to run World of Dragon Nest for PCs. Since the OS on your Android-powered device is different from that of your PCs and Laptops, you will have to rely on a platform in order to run World of Dragon Nest on big screens. And that’s where the Emulators come in, allow you to install the Android OS as an app on your PC/Laptop. For your ease, we have listed the instructions to help you with the installation. However, before you get to that you may want to take a look at the gameplay and features.

Gameplay and Features

There is a lot to experience in terms of gameplay and features in the new World of Dragon Nest. It is the first game that takes an open-world MMORPG view of the Dragon Nest series. In the new World of Dragon Nest, you get to wander the gigantic open-world with endless possibilities. There is a whole new approach to the open world with a powerful boss that you can take on with your trusted weapon. Likewise, aside from the 4 familiar classes of Dragon nest heroes, there is a new class, ‘Slayer’, that has never been part of any Dragon Nest IP and is exclusive to World of Dragon Nest.World of Dragon Nest for PC

It features a life system that allows you to create a community in the game by means of fishing, farming, mining, or simply by relaxing. In World of Dragon Nest, the emphasis on the PvP aspect is quite apparent, with all the different modes. You have single PvP mode focused on 1:1 battles, where you fight in the arena for victory. At the same time, there is a team-based PvP battle, where each team can have up to 4 members. If you are in to test your strength and skills, PvP colosseum mode is where you will find the real challenge.

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There is a Siege War mode, where up to 200 players can join the fight, which is like an ultimate battle of players in the PvP environment. Aside from the multiple game modes, you have Swap weapon and chain skill features. The former allows you to change your main weapon midway in the battle while the latter is a creative way to use the combat skills to kill up to 17 foes. Then there is a captivating storyline but that we leave for you to explore.

Install World of Dragon Nest for PC and Laptop

  1. Download an Android Emulator of your choice
    BlueStacks 4 NoxPlayer AndyOS RemixOS Player
  2. Install Android Emulator on your PC/Laptop

    Install the downloaded Android Emulator on your PC/Laptop and set it up.

  3. Search World of Dragon Nest via Android Emulator

    Launch the Android Emulator and then open the Google play store. In the search bar type, “World of Dragon Nest” without quotes and click on search.

  4. Install World of Dragon Nest on your PC/laptop

    From the search results, double-click on the World of Dragon Nest files to install it on your PC or Laptop.

  5. Play World of Dragon Nest on PC/Laptop

    Once installed, run the game from the all apps section of your Android Emulator.

If you are having trouble installing World of Dragon Nest on your PC/Laptops, let us know via comments.

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