Google Assistant can now Read/Reply to WhatsApp, and Other Messages

Google Assistant

The use of Virtual Assistants means making things easier. Amazon was the first to introduce smart speakers. It gained success not because of being first but due to the integration with so many third-party apps. There are a number of messaging applications that users rely on for communication. Therefore, it is important for any Virtual Assistant to integrate these apps. Google has been working to integrate third-party messaging applications. Finally, it has added the “read and reply” support for WhatsApp,

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WhatsApp to add reverse image search to fight fake news

reverse image search

We are living in an age of information, yet most of it nowadays is fake. This raises serious questions on communication applications such as WhatsApp. Over time, WhatsApp has taken a number of steps to limit the spread of fake news such as limiting the number of forwarding messages. However, it seems the prior steps aren’t enough as the platform is aiming at yet another update to roll out a new feature. The company is reportedly planning to add Google’s

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Facebook Gets WhatsApp like Unsend Feature

Facebook unsend feature

You can now unsend/delete your messages on Facebook, it’s Official. After almost a year and months of testing, Facebook has started rolling out the unsend feature. Just like WhatsApp, the unsend feature of Facebook allows you to delete the messages that you send mistakenly. With this new Facebook unsend feature, you can delete the sent message for everyone or just yourself. The feature is similar to WhatsApp where if you delete the message, it is replaced with a note indicating

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