Download Bot Changer VPN for PC [Windows 10 and Mac]

Take a look at the tutorial to run Bot Changer VPN for PC. The Bot Changer VPN for PC can be installed on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS, and mac OS X. To download Bot Changer VPN for PC, users need an Android emulator on the computer. The entire process will be explained in extremely simple steps below. Before you go through the method, let me highlight some features of Bot Changer VPN.

Bot Changer VPN

VPN is the most important thing for internet users today. It protects your online privacy and data. A VPN like Bot Changer can make your online activities 10x safer. In case you don’t already know, let me first tell you what is a VPN and how it works.

VPN means Virtual Private Network. When you connect a VPN on your computer or on a phone, it changes your network’s IP address with another IP address. The other IP address is provided by the VPN’s servers. This basically changes the online location of your device. For example, you are sitting in Canada, and you connect to the United States through a VPN, your virtual location will be changed to the US. But, this is not the actual use of a VPN. It is much more than changing your IP address or location.

A VPN keeps malicious parties away from your online presence. With the help of a VPN, your identity becomes anonymous. No third parties can look into your data. No one can try to hack into your device.

Furthermore, VPN allows accessing the blocked websites in a region. If your ISP, Government, Institute, or any other party has blocked a website on the network, you can access it by using a VPN. Since your geological boundary changes, you bypass all the firewalls.

That was just a brief idea of a VPN, it can definitely do a lot more than this. Let’s get back to the Bot Changer VPN now.

If you try looking for a good VPN, you will find thousands if not hundreds of thousands. The problem comes up when a VPN says something and does something else. Bot Changer is not like those VPNs. It actually delivers what it promises.Bot Changer VPN for PC

First things first, Bot Changer VPN does not have any kind of limits. It’s got unlimited bandwidth. It offers multiple server locations for free. No registration or email is required. This is the simplest VPN that I have seen so far. Bot Changer makes your internet surfing super fast. If a particular location is not letting you access your desired website, you can quickly switch to another server. Users can rapidly switch between locations in Bot Changer VPN.

A bottleneck that may disappoint you is the availability of Bot Changer VPN for Windows and Mac. Bot Changer VPN is mainly built for Android handsets. But now that you are here on this page, you don’t need to worry anymore. I’m going to show you the procedure to install and run Bot Changer VPN for PC. The guide will use an emulator to run Bot Changer VPN on computers.

Bot Changer VPN for PC

  1. As mentioned earlier, you need the emulator. Windows users can get the BlueStacks 4. Mac users can get the Nox Player. After installing the emulator, open it and log into it using the Google Account.
  2. Open the Play Store in the BlueStacks or Nox Player now.
  3. In the Play Store, search for “Bot Changer VPN”.
  4. As you find Bot Changer VPN, install it.
    Bot Changer VPN for PC

    Running Bot Changer VPN on Windows 10

  5. Open Bot Changer VPN and connect now.
  6. You can select any location.
  7. After connected, open the browser inside the emulator.
  8. Now open any website that was not previously working in your region.Bot Changer VPN for PC

You have the Bot Changer VPN running now. Remember that the VPN will work inside the emulator only. The emulator works like a virtual device on the computer so you cannot benefit from the VPN on the computer. This is a limit, but it at least allows you to run the VPN on the computer. If you have any queries or questions, feel free to reach out to us. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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