Spotify reverses design change, brings back rewind button

Spotify rewind button

Spotify is one of the leading music streaming applications. In order to stay among the leading pack, Spotify, like the rest, has to look for new ways. While all the leading apps almost appear similar to each other in terms of features and UI, there is always room for changes and improvements. However, the experiment to improve the features doesn’t always go the way it is planned. A similar kind of thing happened when recently Spotify decided to remove the

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Google releases its Duplex AI Feature in 43 States

Google Duplex AI

Last year, Google stunned everyone when it introduced the Duplex AI feature at the I/O. In a recent development, Google has officially released its Duplex AI feature in 43 states in the US. It appears now you can officially ask the Google Assistant to make a reservation for you. The Google Duplex AI feature was limited only to a small number of Pixel 3 users. However, as of today, the feature has been rolled out to all the Pixel owners.

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Twitter to Roll Out Hide Replies Feature Soon

twitter hide replies feature

Twitter is reportedly working on a new feature that will allow users to hide replies to their tweets. This new Twitter Hide Replies feature was noticed first by Jane Manchun Wong who revealed it in a tweet. The feature will give the users immense control over their conversations. What’s important to note here is that this feature wouldn’t let users hide the replies permanently, but actually makes it more difficult to see the original conversation. According to Michelle Yasmeen Haq,

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Following Facebook, Viber Gets its Own Dark Mode

Viber Dark Mode Feature

A couple of days ago, we showed you a trick to enable Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger. It appears the Dark Mode feature wasn’t exclusive to Messenger users. Following Facebook, Viber has received its own Dark Mode feature. However, the important thing to note here is that Viber Dark Mode feature has been rolled out officially whereas Messenger Dark Mode is still in testing and came out as a trick. While the giants like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are still

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Allo-Style Assistant Integration is coming

Google Assistant is coming to Android Messages

Google Allo app will soon end and with it the features that it acquired over time. However, all is not lost as Google has, in a recent announcement revealed that the Allo-style Google Assistant integration will soon make its way to the Android messaging app. In the coming months, you will see a Google Assistant button in the smart replies section of your Android messaging app. Google implemented a lot of new ideas in its Allo app and it was

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Laplace M is up for pre-registration, Download for PC

Laplace M for PC

ZlongGames is all set to release one of its most awaited games under the title, Laplace M. The game is set in an adventure based fantasy world that has a feel of magic and medieval setting. Also, it has been produced by Motoi Sakuraba, who happens to be a famous composer of popular games. It’s been quite a while now since we first came to know about the game. Now after the end of CBT, it seems like Laplace M

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Facebook, Instagram cross-platform integration

Facebook Instagram Integration

Facebook begun as a website for college students to connect but over the years it has taken everyone in fold. Due to its huge user base and popularity, the application is now transcending into the other social media platforms. In the past few years, ,Facebook acquired a number of other social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Instagram. During all this time these services were kept separate. However, it seems like Facebook is finally moving towards cross-platform integration. In the

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Netflix iOS App Now Automatically Downloads Next Episodes

Netflix Smart Download

Those using Netflix app on their iOS-powered devices will be pleased to know that the app is finally getting the smart download feature. The Netflix smart download feature was available to Android users since last year. After waiting for almost a year, the iOS users are finally getting the much-needed feature on their Netflix app. The Netflix smart download automatically downloads the next episodes of the series when you connect to the Wi-fi. Similarly, it deletes the episode automatically when

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Instagram starts Adding IGTV Previews in Your Main Feed

Instagram IGTV previews

In a recent announcement, Instagram has revealed that it will start adding the Instagram IGTV previews in users’ main feed. Prior to the recent change, the IGTV videos used to appear in the Explore tab. Instagram introduced its vertical video platform back in June 2018 as a standalone app. However, since then, it is making changes to integrate the IGTV to the main Instagram app. When asked about the change, the representative said: “With IGTV previews in feed, we’re making

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Add Entire Albums with YouTube Music

Youtube Music

Youtube Music has finally received the update that we were eagerly waiting for. In a recent update, the YouTube Music Add to playlist has been expanded, which means that now you can add entire albums to your existing playlists. Now the Add to playlist button appears in the overflow menu and isn’t restricted by the content you are listening to. Previously, one had to add each track individually to the already existing playlist. Not only that, you can even add

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